Why is physical literacy so important?

It’s no different than any other type of literacy

When we say that someone is literate, we mostly think that he knows how to write grammatically correct, and how to spell words. However, it is not only type of literacy. Physical literacy is like any other type of literacy. Kids are not born with possibility of doing physical activities with confidence, as well as they are not born with possibility of writing and counting. As parent you surely meet expressions such as literacy and counting. Unfortunately school favors classical literacy and counting in order to make children successful in any sphere of life. There is nothing wrong with it, but lacking of physical literacy can really affect young people in negative way.

Mental and physical health are important, too

Man is made of spirit and body. He’s not all about thinking and working. Human being needs developed mental and physical health. There is saying “healthy spirit in healthy body”. So, this means that we cannot separate these two, it’s like Yin and Yang. If one part of it suffers, it will affect other part of our being. How many times happened to you that you achieved something great, but because you were ill you couldn’t celebrate it in right way, or opposite. If your body is not in good condition, your mind will suffer.

Unrealistic expectations from kids

As well as we help kids to be good in reading and mathematics, we need to provide them help to be good in developing physical literacy. We would never give child a book and ask him to read it before he learned to read or even speak, so we should think in same way about physical literacy.